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Covid 19 and NLVax Pass Policy update OCT 19, 2021

NL Vaccine Passport Policy

As of October 22nd all attendees 12 and up for Escape Quest’s escape rooms will require proof of double vaccination for Covid 19 as part of the provinces vaccine mandate.* 

Customers will need to present their NLVaxPass and a piece of Photo ID for 19+ or  wth your name and birthday on it to be scanned by one of our employees when you arrive for your bookings (for under 12 and other acceptable combinations of ID please visit:  If you do not present a valid NLVaxPass or acceptable proof of double vaccination you will not be able to participate in one of our Escape Rooms.  For the convenience of travellers to our store from other provinces we will have a wide variety of provincial verification apps on our scanning device so you can still use your QR code but it is also wise to have backup just in case.

Vaccination records are not required to purchase games in our lobby shop but due to limited space in our lobby and retail area, those who have been denied entry to our Escape Rooms will not be permitted to wait there for their group to finish their game.

In the event that a member of your group does not have the required items for entry and the rest of the group cancels based on that you will still be charged the full cancellation fee of $57.50 so it’s very important to communicate this requirement to your group to avoid disappointment. Till November 15 we will offer 2 free passes* *(same value as cancellation fees for more details) in cases such as these so that you can return when you have the needed documentation to play.  

Your NLVaxPass is available either as a smartphone app or as a printed QR Code. Details on obtaining these at:

“Fines for non-compliance start at $500 for individuals and range from $5,000 to $50,000 for businesses, along with potential jail time.”

Customers must also follow our standard Covid 19 regarding illness as well 

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter,

Thank you,


*medical exemptions requires a verifiable QR code. Janssen Vaccine is one dose.

**passes would not be combinable with gift cards, passes and other offers on a future booking. Offer only valid for prepaid bookings.


Hello Questers!!

We’ve made a LOT of changes to make our adventures safe for our guests and our staff.

Here are some of the big ones:

-You pay for your booking online or by phone, as you make it.

-You still need to wear a mask while in the lobby, common, and wait areas of our facility. Masks can be removed while playing your room.

-Our new schedule allows us 40 minutes to clean our rooms between sessions.

-Lockers are not available during Alert Level 2, so limit personal belongings that you bring. You can take your phone into the room with you

-IF you are experiencing any Covid 19 related symptoms we ask you to please stay home and we will reschedule you for another time.

A detailed description of our policies is pinned on our Facebook page.

Below is a detailed list of our Covid-19 policy changes.

Bookings and Schedules

The max capacity for any of our rooms is 8 players.

We are changing our booking schedule to having 3 bookings an hour instead of 4.

This reduces the amount of total active games an hour, and reduces potential congestion of people in the building.

This will also result in a 40 minute window between a group finishing a room and the next group starting that same room. This will allow more time for cleaning and resetting the room for the next group.

Combined bookings, where multiple rooms are launched at the same time to accommodate larger groups, parties, etc, will not be possible during Alert Level 2.

We will not be offering birthday parties, and our party room rental is not available.

Bookings will be by appointment only- passerby customers will have to call or visit our website to make a booking. Due to Covid-19 measures customers must now pay in full online as it will reduce our lobby congestion and allow us to get you to your room as soon as possible. If you cancel within 8 hours (via email, phone, message, FB message) of your booking the cancellation fee will be $28.75 and under 4 hours the fee will be $57.50.

Sanitation and PPE

All staff will be required to wear face masks when engaging customers. They will also keep 2 metres distance when possible.

Because we cannot guarantee 2 meters distance at all times in our faculty, all patrons will REQUIRE A MASK.  Masks can be removed while playing the escape room when playing with your close contacts, but are required for all other areas in the facility.

All locks, props, and surfaces are sanitized with an electrostatic sprayer filled with a sanitizing solution or wiped down with a lysol wipe after every game.

All cleaning products we have in store have been verified to be effective agents against the virus based on provincial government recommendations.

We have 10 hand sanitizer stations (60% alcohol) throughout the facility.

Congestion and Traffic Flow 

Guests will be escorted by staff for their entire experience. Staff escort groups from the lobby to designated wait areas, from the wait areas to the escape room, and from the room to the exit after the game.

No more than one group will be in a lobby or wait area at one time.

Guests may leave the game unescorted to use the washroom, but MUST put their mask on before leaving the room.

Lockers are not available to guests during Alert Level 2.

Guests must remain in their rooms after the game is over. A Quest Guide will collect your group and escort you out of the building.

Photos will not be available during Alert Level 2.


Escape Quest Team

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