Taken by the Faeries

Taken by the Faeries

For hundreds of years, Newfoundlanders have passed down the stories. Strange tales of mystical creatures from another world.  Even today, there are those who will not speak their name, for fear these mischievous beings might exact revenge and take them away. The faeries do not take insult lightly.


It is said that, in the deepest forests, and the darkest caves, the world of the faeries crosses over into our own, and these faerie paths are rich and plentiful here on the Rock.  The old folk still warn others to flip their socks inside out, and to take a pocket of bread crumbs to keep the faeries away if they choose to wander into the woods.  Such warnings are usually greeted with laughter or indifference; nothing more than the foolish superstitions of long ago.


But not believing in the faeries may be the greatest insult of all.


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