Patient 709

Patient 709

You thought the Nightmare was over…

You and your friends risked everything to find the vaccine in the horrors of Chemcorp Labs.  A fellow survivor was able to duplicate it, and you passed it out to every person you could find.  St. John’s was lost, but society was beginning to rebuild on the island.

28 weeks later, and the virus has mutated.  Vaccinated people are turning into zombies even faster than before.  The disease is spreading across the province rapidly, and the horror has begun anew.

Word reaches your group of a scientist working with Patient 709, said to hold the key to curing the Z-Virus forever.  To find them, you must return to Chemcorp Labs.  In the deepest corners of this monstrous facility, will you find the last hope for humanity, or come to a grisly end?.

Warning: This room can be intense. Not PG-rated.



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