Lost Colony of Atlantis

Lost Colony of Atlantis

Born Adventurers

You and your crew are underwater archaeologists, and Newfoundland and Labrador has kept you busy.  With thousands of shipwrecks to explore, your team is used to the harsh Atlantic Seas and the dangers lurking beneath its turbulent waters.  You’ve recently accepted a contract from Chemcorp Labs that will test you to your limits.  And it’s not a shipwreck.

Ruins of Atlantis

Underneath the cliffs of Newfoundland’s east coast is a labyrinth of tunnels that lead to an ancient structure.  Inside, something is producing powerful energy signatures.  If this 10,000. year old reactor could be activated, it would power the province for centuries!  Normally, the swift currents and narrow passages will crush would-be explorers, but during the lowest tide of the year, the structure can be reached.  With the western chamber sealed by a cave in, your team will have one hour to explore the southern chamber and solve its mysteries before the tide rises and traps you for an entire year.


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