The Great Fire

On July 8th, 1892, the city of St. John’s was transformed forever. A carelessly dropped pipe on that dry, summer afternoon ignited the greatest catastrophe our capital has ever seen. Overnight, two thirds of the city was reduced to ashes and smoke. Despite the destruction, all accounts note that few souls were lost in the inferno. Of course, there remains no record of the handful of people held in the Courthouse lockup…

Escape the Flames

Looting erupted on Duckworth and Water Street as the fire began to approach, and you and a handful of others were quickly apprehended by authorities and thrown in the holding cells of the Court and Market House. The smell of smoke, and the roar of the blaze soon filled your guard with fear, and he has abandoned his post to find safety. If only he had let you out first. Now it is up to you and your fellow inmates to devise an escape from this peculiar prison before the fire is upon you. Will you survive?



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