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Covid Policy Updates (March 14)

Hello Questers!

Starting after March 14th we will be making some changes to our Covid policies.

⁃       NL Vaxxpass is no longer required to play.
⁃       Masks are REQUIRED in common areas of the building and can be taken off while playing but MUST be put back on when interacting with staff.

-Groups should also still be in compliance with the guidance of the Close Contact Flow chart ( and Guidance for Positive Cases ( and not be symptomatic. If anything changes in regard to your health status please call or email us within 8 hours of your booking at (709) 221-3742 or to reschedule your booking for a later date to avoid cancellation of your booking and the associated fees.

Of course, every room is thoroughly cleaned and aired out  between every session.  We look forward to seeing you all in 2022!

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